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During the time that Nancy was in Chapel Hill, I was diagnosed with Cancer. As most people when learning of this diagnosis, I was frightened and worried about the future, especially since several of my family members had made their transition at an early age due to the same diagnosis. Rev Nancy provided me with thoughtful and caring support, guidance and courage to face the diagnosis and surgery with faith and acceptance of whatever the outcome would be. I am happy to say that the outcome was positive and I have remained cancer free for more than ten years. However, more importantly, I was able to approach the surgery with a calm acceptance of the situation and a belief that whatever the outcome, it would be the appropriate one. My spiritual faith has deepened since that experience and has been the strength that has gotten me through many additional severe challenges in my life. For all of these things, I will be eternally grateful that I was fortunate to have the opportunity to know and experience Rev. Nancy’s support and counsel for the five years she was in this area. I know that she continues to enrich other lives as she has mine and all who will come in contact with her for counseling, leadership training or hear her speak as a keynote speaker will be forever blessed and grateful for the opportunity.
Judy Adams, RN, BSN, HCS-D, HCS-O, COS-C.
Several years after our first meeting, Nancy and I began working together. We were both counselors. We were a powerful team referring individuals and families to each other to help them develop tools to improve their lives. As my husband and I struggled with infertility and the question about whether to adopt a child, we turned to Nancy. She compassionately helped us move out of grief and into action. She is able to guide from wisdom not human bias and allowed us to find our way to God’s plan for us. Nancy is a mentor and unparalleled counselor and leader. We will always be grateful for her healing presence in our lives.
Jeanne Wagner, LMFC.
My husband and I were searching for a spiritual awareness that would challenge us and give us a greater understanding of God. We were mired in decades of long denominational doctrine. A friend of ours recommended a specific pastor in a specific neighboring town. It took only one service to realize our journey had not ended but had just begun. We were on the right path. When I met Reverend Nancy Oristaglio and looked into her eyes, I felt I was looking into the eye of God. I immediately recognized her to be an exceptional creation and have felt a true connection with her. Her words always led me to want to know more about God and truth. Nancy has the gift to lead by empowering you to find your meaning of life. She respects your journey in life.”
Brenda and Dr. Michael Mullins
Nancy Oristaglio models the soft skills that are so necessary for success in either the business world or in managing a nonprofit organization. Her listening skills put you at ease immediately. While her manner is gentle and caring she delivers the message you need to hear. Nancy’s warm speaking and counseling style make it easy for you to open up about what is going on beneath the surface with you. Through skillful questioning she uncovers the wisdom that lies within you to provide the solution to the challenge you are facing. I would heartily recommend Nancy’s services. She uncovers the best in you.
Bob Churilla, JD.
The best teachers guide us to the true teacher within. They help us to discern and listen to our own Internal Guidance System. Rev. Nancy Oristaglio is one of those teachers. She is able to practice deep listening and give counsel and feedback from a place of unconditional love. Through the foundation of her example, I have been able to embrace myself and others in ways that feel whole and sustainable.
Nelle Turner Durizch
Reverend Nancy Oristaglio simply reflects God’s light, love, and openness. No matter what your need she has the unique ability to hold your heart and be with you in the most present way. I experienced the greatest spiritual growth while working with her.
Karen LeVert, MBA
Taking the time to write this from Paris. Nancy’s wisdom, along with her caring, compassion and love make her an amazing person to work with. I can’t recommend her enough. My every experience with her leaves me feeling appreciated, uplifted, and right on track!
Ben Jamison
I’ve been seeing Nancy for spiritual counseling for several years now and have seen so much growth in both my personal and spiritual life. She genuinely cares, actually listens, and offers a safe space of non-judgment where I’m able to relay anything to her without feeling marginalized. I couldn’t recommend her more.
Josh Allen
Nancy is a compassionate, skilled professional offering effective spiritual direction and counseling that translates into positive change in the clients’ lives.
Vicky Elder, LMFC, Rev.